The Issues

Explore Karen René's proactive approach to addressing the pressing issues facing the 13th Congressional District. From economic development to healthcare reform, Karen's policies are grounded in a commitment to delivering tangible results for the community. Dive into her comprehensive stance on key issues and discover how she plans to make a positive impact on the lives of district residents.
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Working Families Wages

Advocate for a living wage, paid family and medical leave, and affordable childcare options to support working families and reduce income inequality.

Economic Development

Invest in small businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities by providing access to capital and resources, supporting local economic development initiatives, and promoting job growth in emerging industries.
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Workforce Housing for working families, increasing funding for public housing programs, and implementing policies to prevent predatory lending and housing discrimination.

Youth Development

Support initiatives that provide mentorship, afterschool programs, and extracurricular activities for at-risk youth, and invest in education and job training programs to give young people the tools they need to succeed.
Protecting Our Seniors

Protecting Our Seniors

Increase food stamps for Seniors, strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and implement safeguards against elder abuse and financial exploitation, while also expanding access to affordable healthcare and long-term care options for seniors.
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Job Training Programs

Increase federal funding for job training and reentry programs, and collaborate with local employers to create pathways for individuals to receive the necessary skills and credentials for in-demand jobs.
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Immigration Reform

Karen champions comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship. Your contribution will support efforts to create a fair and just immigration system.
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Communities of color are disproportionately victimized by environmental hazards and are far more likely to live in areas with heavy pollution. As a result, the people in these communities often suffer from a myriad of health disparities, such as asthma, cancer, lead poisoning, obesity, and hyperactivity. As your Congresswoman, I will work to improve our environment and ensure everyone has access to clean air, and water. It is clear that in order to live healthy, happy lives the quality of our water and air must improve.
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Infrastructure Funding

Secure federal funding to improve roads, water and sewage, bridges, and public transit systems, and expand high-speed internet access to rural and underserved communities.