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Karen René is a dynamic force for change, known for her hands-on approach and unwavering dedication to results. From her early days as a Small Business Administration attorney to her impactful role as a three-term East Point City Council member, Karen's commitment to revitalizing communities and empowering constituents shines through. Raised on a farm in Alabama, Karen's understanding of the diverse needs within the 13th District drives her advocacy for economic growth, affordable housing, and improved programs for seniors and veterans. With a background shaped by her roots in Selma and her active involvement in historic voting rights efforts, Karen is poised to champion the voices of her constituents in Congress, focusing on key issues such as healthcare and youth empowerment. Your vote is crucial in supporting Karen's vision for a stronger, more vibrant Georgia.
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Karen's Vision for the 13th Congressional District

Born and raised on a farm in Alabama, Karen understands the unique needs of the 13th Congressional District. Her experience in East Point has equipped her with intimate knowledge of the challenges facing communities in the district. Karen is committed to economic development, affordable housing, youth empowerment, fair wages, and healthcare for all residents.

Working Families Wages

Economic Development


Youth Development

Protecting Our Seniors

Job Training Programs

Immigration Reform


Infrastructure Funding

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